Happy Book Birthday to Matt Kincade and Hell Night, Book 02 in the Alex Rains, Vampire Hunter series, featuring another amazing cover from J. Caleb Design! This book is a hilarious zombie romp through a small desert town that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Plus it stands alone very well, so you don’t have to read book one to enjoy it. It is a total blast to read!

Title: Hell Night
AuthorMatt Kincade
SeriesAlex Rains, Vampire Hunter, Book 02
Publish Date: Print: 3/15/2017 | Kindle: 3/21/2017
Cover: J Caleb Design

Buy Link:  Print | Kindle (coming soon)

DescriptionALEX RAINS knows all about hunting vampires—after all, that’s his job, and he’s the best at what he does. But when he follows a lead to the tiny desert town of Prosperity, Nevada, Alex quickly learns that vampires aren’t the only things that go bump in the night. He’s just as surprised as the town’s residents when the dead start walking the streets of Prosperity . . . and they’ve got a bit of an appetite.

Together with a ragtag group of survivors, Alex will have to dodge undead horrors and small-town drama as he digs into Prosperity’s darkest secrets and macabre Wild West heritage to figure out why the dead aren’t staying dead, discover what–or who–is responsible, and put a stop to it . . . before the whole mess gets out of hand.

After dealing with the undead in Prosperity, Alex Rains is going to have to update his resume.

It’s sunny with a chance of apocalypse in HELL NIGHT, Matt Kincade’s eagerly anticipated follow-up to THE DEVIL’S MOUTH. With HELL NIGHT, Kincade once again delivers fast-paced, gritty pulp action, engaging characters, and delightfully grim humor.

Author Q&A

Q:  In Hell Night, Alex Rains takes on a project that doesn’t intersect at all with the events of the first book in the series, The Devil’s Mouth. In fact, there are only two characters in common–Alex and Coop. Why did you decide to tell this story as the second book in the series?

A: Good question. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure I have an answer for that. It does seem a bit dumb. Like, Hey, I found this formula that people really seem to be enjoying! For the next one, why don’t I CHANGE EVERYTHING! That being said, maybe I just did it to prove that I could. I wanted to show that there was more to this world than just the vamps. I felt like in the long run that would provide me with a much broader range of stories. And if people were going to be upset by that, maybe it’s better to get it over with right away. It’s also a factor that I’m easily distracted, and the thought of writing only vampire stories forever just sounds boring. Also, I like zombie movies (spoiler there’s zombies), and I wanted to give that a try, and I felt like I had some ideas that would tweak the traditional zombie mythos enough to add something new. And heck, Buffy the Vampire Slayer has Vampire Slayer right there in the title, and Buffy slays all kinds of things.

Aside from the relative lack of vampires, Hell Night is actually closer to what I’d imagined for Alex in the first place. While I really enjoyed the characters in The Devil’s Mouth, and many of them will likely make more appearances, I didn’t originally plan to have any recurring characters other than Alex. Nor had I planned for any greater story arc, really. I’d envisioned much more of a wandering knight-errant type, something in the Jack Reacher/Solomon Kane vein, blowing from town to dusty desert town, solving mysteries, slaying vamps, and spitting out cheesy one-liners. In a way, Alex’s feelings for Carmen (The co-star and love interest in The Devil’s Mouth) took me by surprise. It was supposed to be a simple, protagonist solves damsel’s problem and then they knock boots before protagonist rides into the sunset kind of thing. So I guess in this story I wanted to prove that Alex has a life and loves aside from Carmen. Alex needed to take a little break, see other people, and do his own thing for a while. While I like Carmen’s character a lot, and she will be back, I’d never planned for the series to revolve around their relationship. Whedon already did that trope, and better than I.

Q: Did you keep track of how many pop culture references there are in Hell Night? I spotted several, including a quote from Shaun Of The Dead.

A: Oh Lord, I didn’t keep track. I’m not sure if I could. My brain is saturated with pop culture references to the point that I’m sometimes not even aware that I’m making them. Although in this book I have an excuse, because one of the characters is also steeped in pop culture references. Not to mention the fact that it’s a zombie story set in a world where people are aware of zombie movies, so things get a bit meta. In any case, I have a lot of fun giving a little wink and a nod to works that I really enjoyed, or that influenced me. Everything from Stephen King to George Romero to Joss Whedon.

Since it’s almost impossible to come up with something entirely new, almost any story you see or read will have influences of something else. So in a weird kind of way, I feel like making those references are how I cite my sources. Because it would break up the flow of the story if I used MLA format.

Q: What can you tell us about Book 03 of the Alex Rains series?

A: Well, I can tell you that it’s in the conceptual phase. I’ve got a plot and some characters and some scenes, but there’s still a lot to be worked out. It’s always kind of a balancing act for me, as to how much planning I should do before I start writing. Things go much smoother if I have an outline, but then I never exactly stick to the outline, and there are always blank spaces in the story that I can’t get figured out until I actually dig in and start writing. I’ve got a lot of notes and character sketches, and a few thousand words written, but for now Alex Rains the Third is still in the imagineering stage. Which, to the untrained eye, looks a lot like taking a nap on the lawn. Don’t be fooled. That’s a novelist hard at work.

What I know so far is that it’s back to vampires for number three. Carmen will be returning, as will Jen, Cooper, and possibly some others from The Devil’s Mouth. I don’t want to give too much away, but the Big Bad (to make another subtle pop culture reference) has bigger plans than Don Carlos ever did in TDM. She’s older, smarter, and more daring than Don Carlos, and Alex will have his work cut out for him as he follows a trail of clues from South Texas to the Florida Keys, to uncover her history and stop her nefarious plan.

About the Author

Matt Kincade, the son of a librarian, was often left to wander the fiction shelves for hours as a child, happily lost among the stacks, soaking up a love for words and the smell of books.

Since then he has been a pizza chef, a sandwich artist, a cash-register jockey, a night manager, a furniture assembler, and a creepy one-hour photo clerk, all while pursuing his dream of being an author of sci-fi and supernatural fiction.

Matt lives in Northern California, where he enjoys the outdoors and gets out into the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains every chance he gets, whether to hike, camp, or just go jump in a creek. When not writing or working at his slave job, Matt reads entirely too much, makes music, rides his bicycle, watches movies, and plays video games.

If Matt drank as much alcohol as he does coffee, his family and friends would have staged an intervention by now. Matt shares his apartment with a cat who grudgingly tolerates his existence.

You can find Matt online at his website, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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